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Adding Insulation to Older Homes Saves on Energy Costs – Worcester, Boston

24 February 2014

Cold winds and freezing temperatures snuck up on many of us this year before we had time to winterize our homes. Making small adjustments in your home can  save energy, lower heating bills and keep you warmer.

Finding a balance between being comfortable and conserving energy is key. Some areas to focus on when winterizing your home include checking the furnace, insulation, and the windows, doors and outlets for leaks to the outdoors.

Evaluating home insulation

If the home has not had updates to the insulation in more than 30 years, there is no question that the insulation of that home should be checked and updated.

You can evaluate the depth that is there and whether or not it would be warranted to add more insulation or add blown-in  insulation on top of that. One of the things that may be missed in attic insulation is the sealing of gaps and holes in the attic floor, where piping, wiring, and electrical, water and plumbing lines run. Many times this allows for air leakage.

There are two options to consider for insulating crawl spaces—insulating the perimeter wall or insulating the underside of the floor. Insulating the perimeter wall to make the crawl space an insulated space is typically easier than insulating the underside of the floor, and is probably a better long-term strategy. It might keep homeowners from having to do additional insulation around pipes and ducts that convey heated air or water.

For more information on adding insulation to an older home, contact Custom Insulation.


Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!