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Blown-In Insulation: True Value and Return on Your Home Improvement Investment

27 September 2023

Custom Insulation Company, Inc. - Blown-In Insulation

When your home’s energy efficiency is in need of recharge, blown-in insulation is a clear winning choice both for your family’s comfort and your wallet’s health. Blown-In insulation is celebrated for cutting home heating and cooling bills by 20% or more. We encourage you to do that math and calculate how fast this insulation technology can pay for itself.

Cellulose Blown-in insulation is installed based on its name after its application. It works on filling stud or joist cavities or covering an attic floor with a chosen loose material. Once prepared there is a one team member that will use a blower hose to spray the fluffy insulation material across the floor and into cavities. Moreover, we will feed the insulation material into a unit below the attic or outside the home. The spreading continues of the loose fill paper-based product until the cavities are filled or there is an even coating of the wool across the attic floor to a certain thickness. The blown in insulation is flexible and it will be installed into any attic space, and it will insulate the living space below. More often, blown in attic insulation proves to be far more cost effective than faced batts, fiberglass is non-combustible, and is resistant to pests. Worth mentioning that fiberglass does not make a great home for rodents, birds, and insects, and is resistant to moisture and mold.

In addition, blown-in insulation offers a noise-cancelling effect which is beneficial to the homeowners. It is more airtight compared to batts and rolls which it will get into the tiny nooks and crevices in your attic where heat and cool air typically escapes. It will only take a day for an experienced team to install blown insulation and it will be completed with minimal mess.

For more tips on Blown In Insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Blown-in Insulation: Effective Sound Barrier

11 September 2023

Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Blown-in insulation can be an effective sound barrier, depending on the type of insulation material used and the installation method. While its primary purpose is to provide thermal insulation, it can also help reduce sound transmission to some extent.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the soundproofing capabilities of blown-in insulation:

Material Type: The effectiveness of blown-in insulation as a sound barrier largely depends on the material used. Cellulose are commonly used materials for blown-in insulation, and they have some sound-dampening properties.

Density: The density of the insulation material plays a significant role in its ability to block sound. Heavier and denser insulation materials tend to be more effective at reducing sound transmission. Some blown-in insulation materials can be installed at higher densities to improve their soundproofing capabilities.

Installation Thickness: The thickness of the insulation layer also affects its soundproofing performance. Thicker insulation can absorb and block more sound waves. Depending on your specific soundproofing needs, you may need to install a thicker layer of blown-in insulation.

Air Gaps: Proper installation is crucial for soundproofing. Gaps or voids in the insulation can allow sound to pass through. Ensure that the insulation is evenly distributed without any gaps.

To learn more about the benefits of installing cellulose blown-in insulation for your home, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Cellulose Blown-In Insulation Helps Control Moisture/Mold/Mildew Inside the Home

20 August 2023

Custom Insulation Company in Connecticut

Cellulose blown-in insulation can play a significant role in moisture control inside the home by helping to manage and regulate indoor humidity levels. Here's how cellulose blown-in insulation contributes to moisture control:

Hygroscopic Properties: Cellulose insulation has hygroscopic properties, meaning it can absorb and release moisture without compromising its insulating effectiveness. This helps regulate indoor humidity by absorbing excess moisture when humidity levels are high and releasing it when conditions are drier.

Moisture Absorption and Redistribution: If moisture enters your home due to leaks, condensation, or other factors, cellulose insulation can absorb and distribute the moisture. This prevents moisture from pooling in one area and potentially causing damage.

Capillary Action: Cellulose insulation utilizes capillary action to draw moisture away from damp surfaces. This action helps to distribute the moisture more evenly, allowing it to evaporate gradually rather than leading to the formation of concentrated wet spots.

Air Sealing and Vapor Retarder Qualities: When cellulose insulation is properly installed, it creates a more airtight building envelope. This reduces the movement of humid air from the interior to the exterior or vice versa. Additionally, some cellulose insulation products are treated with vapor-retardant additives, which can help prevent the passage of excessive moisture vapor through the insulation.

Preventing Condensation: Cellulose blown-in insulation fills gaps and voids in walls, ceilings, and attics. By doing so, it helps prevent warm, moist air from coming into contact with cold surfaces, which could lead to condensation.

Long-Term Moisture Management: Cellulose blown-in insulation is not prone to settling over time, which means it will continue to provide effective insulation and moisture control for the life of the insulation. Settling can create voids where moisture could accumulate, so this property is important for maintaining long-term moisture management.

Sound Installation Practices: Proper installation is key to maximizing the moisture control benefits of cellulose blown-in insulation. It's essential to hire experienced professionals who know how to install the insulation correctly, ensuring that there are no gaps, voids, or compressed areas that could compromise its performance.

It's important to note that while cellulose insulation can help with moisture control, proper installation and maintenance are key. Incorrect installation can lead to gaps or settling that might compromise its effectiveness. If you're considering cellulose insulation for your home, contact Custom Insulation Company in Connecticut.

Blown-In Insulation Services: Ultimate Energy-Saving Solution

4 August 2023

Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

It is time to say goodbye to energy waste and say hello to savings with Custom Insulation’s blown-in insulation service who serves all across Connecticut. We deliver affordable and high quality blown-in insulation services to Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, and Greenwich business and home owners. Here are just a few of the key reasons to consider blown-in insulation and Custom Insulation Company as your trusted service provider:

  • Igloo Cellulose Isolation is a premium, all borate cellulose insulation.
  • Proven Energy Savings
  • Non-Irritating to Skin, No Health Problems
  • Cellulose insulation is blown-into your home by using two holes in every wall bay ensuring each bay is 100% full.
  • Increase the value of your new buildings and existing homes. Significant Sound Barrier and Moisture Control
  • Custom Insulation Company’s teams of insulation specialist will quickly and effectively handle your installation, on-time and done right.
  • Custom Insulation Company’s Project Estimators will provide you with a free written proposal for your building or remodeling project.

Check out the stellar five-star rating history with Google, then give us a call. Quality and value insulation service is simply a phone call away. Contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc. anytime!

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