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Blanket Home Insulation: Thermal and Noise Control

17 October 2022 Bookmark and Share

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Blanket Home Insulation

Blanket home insulation is a most effective and economical insulation strategy that can be applied to any home. Lesser known, blanket insulation provides highly effective sound control and outstanding thermal performance. It delivers a home that performs in extreme temperatures. It gets into all the voids where traditional insulation will not protect creating a blanket of insulation and making your home more energy efficient.

Adding pieces of batt insulation to the rim joints, the area along the top of the foundation where it meets the exterior walls greatly helps in conserving energy. The fiberglass insulation placed on walls and ceilings will dampen sound and thermal insulation in metal and wooden roofs, partition walls and for cladding floors. And in the case where your basement is unheated, installing blanket insulation in between exposed floor joists is favorable. It is the most used insulation that comes in rolls or sheets and fits perfectly between rafters and wall joists. Installing insulation in the right places will maximize energy efficiency and comfort. Others are installing insulation blankets with roof raisers to give the house additional thermal qualities.

Blanket insulation will keep you warm during the long winter but also keeps your home cool in the summer. It is a must-have for all weather grilling especially for those who live in a region that reaches 35*F or colder. It is recommended to get an energy audit for your home to conduct a blower door test to reduce your home’s air pressure. Blanket insulation is the best thing for homebuilding comfort.

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Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!