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Blanket Insulation Makes Convenient and Comfortable Living Spaces – Worcester, Boston, MA

10 July 2014

Blanket insulation in Boston MA is best for installing basement insulation. An optimally insulated basement can save you time and money on your efforts to make your living space convenient and comfortable.

Blanket insulation using Knauf EcoBatt insulation provides thermal and acoustical barriers in both residential and commercial structures. Knauf EcoBatt is available in a wide array of sizes and R-values so it can be used for almost any applications. It can also work even if the space for insulation is limited. That is why it is often used in basements. Knauf EcoBatt insulation is able to supply sustainable R-value which can be increased and still be able to maintain adequate space for ventilation.

Blanket insulation features moisture control in a basement. It prevents water intrusion and mold build up. Because the basement is connected to the rest of your home and is a common area where cracks, decay, gaps, and leaks can be found, basements are a good place to start for custom insulation. It is also practical to find the part of your basement which needs most protection. Use Knauf EcoBatt for your basement so you not only save money and energy but help the environment as well.

With Blanket insulation in Boston MA, it is possible to create a convenient and comfortable living space in your basement. Overall, basement insulation not only saves money on energy bills but also protects your home's foundation from hazards due to more extreme climates and weather cycles.

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