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Blown-In Blanket Insulation and Your Future “R”-Value Conclusion

30 December 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc

We get asked repeatedly about the “R-Value” of blown-in blanket insulation. To answer the question, we turn to the countless homeowners in and around Worcester about how they describe their “R-Value”. The common answer: “Really-good, Really-effective, with Real-energy cost savings”. The advantages of blown-in blanket insulation are numerous. At this products core benefit offering is the fact that the product conforms to any size of wall cavity making it the ideal insulation system to maximize the invisible surface areas of your home that go untouched by other insulation treatment options. It is popularly used in wall or roof insulation in both wood and steel-framed buildings. In others, it is installed in new construction as well as existing buildings. It satisfies the increased efficiency and higher R-values with the added benefit of design flexibility. With the blown in blanket insulation it guarantees optimal performance with the certified professionals who install the system and give the full benefits to the homeowners. This system installed by a trained and certified contractor gives the R-value its focus because the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. The life expectancy of blown-in blanket insulation lasts the lifetime of the building or home. It is because it is so densely packed, it eliminates the risk of slumping contributing to long service life. Further, since the blown in blanket insulation materials are made of silica sand, limestone and soda ash extracted from the Earth’s crust it becomes environmentally friendly and less installation waste because only the amount of fiber necessary to fill the wall cavities. For more tips on Blown in Blanket Insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

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