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Blown-In Home Insulation Services Maximize Energy Efficiency

25 April 2022

Custom Insulation Company - Blown-In Home Insulation

You have multiple options when it comes to insulating your Worcester home and decreasing your energy bills. “Loose-fill” or “blown-in” insulation is increasingly choses as the insulation home improvement material of choice. And of the blown-in material options available to you, the trend setting material of choice is fiberglass.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is perfect for filling in tight voids around wiring, pipes or any area with difficult framing. It delivers measurable results by way of lower utility bills. Compared to other (and admittedly less expensive) home insulation materials, blown-in insulation proves to be more airtight because it is smaller and able to get into tiny cracks and crevices of your attic where conditioned air leaks through. This material will fill in around beams, pipes and other awkward shaped objects and spaces. It is advantageous because it seals tightly making it a much better and more energy-efficient solution. It is also moisture resistant that prevents mold, odor and rot from creeping into your home. Fiberglass comes in both rolled batting and blown forms and settles to very little to no setting of losing R-value. Adding more, installing blown in insulation is a very quick and easy process. The material is simply blown out of a hose into space to create a seamless thermal protective blanket of insulation which is done by knowledgeable experts.

Blown-in insulation will reduce energy expenditure, lowering heating and cooling costs. It is something to highly consider. In doing so, it will assure your home will be protective from the outside environment and keep you and your family comfortable inside.

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