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Blown-in Insulation is an Eco-Friendly Approach to Ensure a Home's Energy Efficiency - Boston, Worcester, MA

15 July 2015

What could be more convenient than bringing a hose into the attic, turning on the blower, and letting the insulation material settle in like water from a hose? This is how blown-in insulation works. Because it is this easy, you can insulate even the most uncooperative ceilings and crawl spaces in your home.

Blown-in attic insulation in Boston, MA does a marvelous job of settling around attic obstructions. Unless you want to take of exterior siding or interior drywall to access wall cavities, blown-in insulation is highly prefererred to insulate existing, closed-up walls cavities. This type of insulation is also the best option if you want to be eco-friendly. The material used is made from shredded recycled paper products that have been treated to be fire- and pest- resistant, making them the perfect material for insulating attics.

Because home attic insulation plays a vital role in maintaining your home's value as well as improving its energy efficiency, hire an expert to ensure that the required R-value is achieved.

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