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Blown-in Insulation It is Better than Batt and Roll - Boston, Worcester, MA

13 November 2015

Blown-in insulation in Worcester, MA is an excellent alternative to using conventional batt and roll fiberglass insulation. It has similar properties, but the biggest difference is in the application. While batt and roll insulation is manufactured in various sizes to fit specific spaces, blown-in insulation uses a cellulose compound that is applied by a professional. The installation involves a special kind of blowing machine.

There are many advantages to using blown-in insulation. However, above all, it is in its ability to mold and fit into any space in your home which makes it the most ideal alternative for home attic insulation. Each crack and crevice is sealed and insulated as the cellulose compound is blown into each area. Additionally, through the nozzle application, blown-in insulation can be added inside walls through small holes, eliminating the need to remove all the dry-wall making the job faster and easier to finish.

In terms of insulating efficiency, the blown-in attic insulation is very similar to batt and roll. There is little chance of moisture or air seeping in from the outside of the house. In addition to its superior sealing capacity, the material used in blown-in insulation is also inert, non-toxic, and fireproof.

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