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Blown-In Insulation: Unique Insulation For Your Home

8 December 2023

Custom Insulation Company, Inc. - Blown-Insulation

This is the most common insulation used if you are adding insulation to enclosed walls because it is a very practical and economical way. Blown-in cellulose works well because it will fit into any area and conforms around any obstructions already in place, such as pipes, plumbing or wires for electricity.

Cellulose is made from paper products. The materials are made from recycled newspapers, cardboard, office paper, and other recycled paper, making it eco-friendly too. It is mostly preferred by homeowners because it works well and will add it anywhere in their home. For behind walls, a hole will be drilled into the drywall and allow the special blower nozzle access behind the walls. For attics, it is as simple as gaining access to the attic space and using the blower nozzle to add insulation in and around the joists. It is very accessible and easy to install. You will add blown-in insulation over the top of existing insulation, provided it is in good shape, all leaks are sealed, and biological growth is not in place. Moreso, blown-in cellulose is installed dry. Once the proper holes are drilled, bales of cellulose are fed into an insulation blower that will fluff up the cellulose and blow the insulation into place. Holes are filled, walls are patched, and your home is a more comfortable place to live.

In an existing home, blown-in cellulose insulation continues to be one of the most requested insulation by homeowners. By blowing it in, it will settle and conform anywhere. It means no matter what you have added since your home was originally built, no matter what obstruction is in place in your attic, cellulose will fill in the spaces and create a tighter seal. Blown-in cellulose makes a great choice!

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