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Common Mistakes to Avoid with Blanket Insulation

15 September 2023

Custom Insulation Company, Inc. - Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation, often referred to as batt insulation, is a popular choice for improving energy efficiency and comfort in homes and commercial buildings. When installed correctly, it can provide excellent thermal insulation. However, there are common mistakes that homeowners and contractors can make during installation that can compromise its effectiveness.

Let's explore some of these common mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure your blanket insulation performs optimally.

1. Insufficient Coverage

Mistake: Failing to install enough insulation can lead to inadequate coverage, leaving gaps that allow heat transfer.

Solution: Measure the insulation requirements for your space carefully. Ensure that the batts are cut to the right size and fit snugly in the framing cavities. Avoid compression, as it reduces the insulation's R-value. `

2. Gaps and Compression

Mistake: Gaps or voids between insulation batts and compression of the material during installation can reduce the insulation's effectiveness.

Solution: Carefully fit each batt into place, ensuring it completely fills the cavity without being overly compressed. Seal any gaps or voids with additional insulation material or use foam board or spray foam for a more airtight seal.

3. Inadequate Air Sealing

Mistake: Failing to properly air seal the building envelope before installing blanket insulation can allow for drafts and air leakage.

Solution: Seal any gaps, cracks, or openings in the walls, ceilings, and floors before installing insulation. Use caulk, weatherstripping, or spray foam to create airtight barriers around doors, windows, and other openings.

4. Ignoring Vapor Barriers

Mistake: Neglecting to install a vapor barrier in areas prone to moisture can lead to condensation issues and damage to the insulation.

Solution: Install vapor barriers on the warm side of insulation in areas where moisture is a concern, such as in colder climates or in walls with potential moisture sources. Ensure proper installation techniques to prevent moisture infiltration.

5. Incorrect Installation in Attics

Mistake: Installing blanket insulation in the attic without addressing ventilation and maintaining proper clearances around vents and fixtures can lead to inadequate attic insulation.

Solution: Ensure proper attic ventilation and maintain clearances around fixtures like recessed lighting. Use baffles to maintain airflow from soffit vents and avoid compressing insulation.

6. Overlooking Electrical Wiring and Plumbing

Mistake: Ignoring electrical wiring and plumbing pipes can lead to insulation gaps around these fixtures.

Solution: Carefully cut and fit insulation around electrical wires and plumbing pipes. Use protective covers, such as plastic or metal conduit, for safety.

7. Neglecting Safety Measures

Mistake: Skipping safety precautions during installation can lead to accidents or health hazards, such as exposure to fiberglass particles.

Solution: Wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves, long-sleeved clothing, safety glasses, and a dust mask, when handling blanket insulation. Follow manufacturer instructions for safe handling and disposal.

8. Not Consulting Professionals

Mistake: Attempting complex insulation projects without consulting professionals like Custom Insulation Company can lead to costly errors.

Solution: When in doubt or for larger projects, seek advice and assistance from insulation professionals who have the knowledge and experience to ensure proper installation.

In conclusion, blanket insulation is a cost-effective and efficient way to insulate your home or building, but it must be installed correctly to reap its benefits fully. By avoiding these common mistakes and following best practices, you can ensure that your blanket insulation provides the desired energy efficiency, comfort, and long-term performance in your space.

To learn more about blanket insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

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