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Copper Gutters - Aesthetics in Green Remodeling

30 May 2013

Are  you building, remodeling or upgrading a home this spring in the Worcester area? Green building elements are the way to go, and they will give you a higher ROI when it is time to sell. With copper gutters you are not only using a green building material, you are also making a decision to cut down on  home maintenance  as well.

With copper gutters you are making a green remodeling choice while also bringing the aesthetics of your home to a whole different level.

Copper gutters bring class and style to your home. But better yet, copper is a renewable resource that adds a ‘green’ element to your home.  Copper gutters are far more attractive than aluminum gutters. In fact, homeowners try to hide aluminum gutters, copper gutters want to be seen. Copper gutters have a look that will showcase your home.  

Best of all, copper gutters are low maintenance and will last forever. They don’t rust or rot, can withstand any weather and copper works as a natural algaecide/fungicide. All of these attributes make copper gutters easier to maintain than vinyl or aluminum.

For more information on a copper gutter system, contact Custom Insulation.

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