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Facts About Little Known EcoBatt Home and Building Insulation

31 July 2023


Knauf EcoBatt Insulation is a type of thermal and acoustical insulation product manufactured by Knauf Insulation, a leading global manufacturer of insulation materials. EcoBatt Insulation is designed to provide energy efficiency and soundproofing for residential and commercial buildings.

Here are some key features and characteristics of Knauf EcoBatt Insulation:

Eco-Friendly Material: EcoBatt Insulation is made from a combination of natural and recycled materials, including sand, post-consumer glass, and a significant portion of pre-consumer recycled content. This composition makes it a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional insulation materials.

Formaldehyde-Free: One notable aspect of Knauf EcoBatt Insulation is that it is formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde is a common chemical found in some insulation products and can be a concern for indoor air quality. Knauf's EcoBatt is engineered to be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contributing to healthier indoor environments.

Fiber Structure: EcoBatt Insulation features a unique fiber structure that gives it a soft, consistent texture. The fibers are naturally brown in color due to the absence of added dyes or chemicals.

Thermal Performance: Like other insulation materials, EcoBatt provides thermal resistance, or R-value, which helps in reducing heat transfer through walls, attics, and other building surfaces. Higher R-values indicate better insulation performance.

Acoustic Insulation: In addition to thermal insulation, EcoBatt also provides sound absorption properties, making it effective for reducing noise transmission between rooms or from outside sources.

Ease of Installation: EcoBatt Insulation comes in pre-cut widths to fit standard wall stud and attic joist spacing, making installation more convenient for contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Fire Resistance: Knauf EcoBatt Insulation is non-combustible and provides fire resistance, adding an extra layer of safety to buildings.

It's essential to note that while Knauf EcoBatt Insulation offers several benefits, the overall insulation performance will also depend on proper installation and how well it is sealed within the building's envelope. Let the Custom Insulation Company do the installation to ensure proper setup of your batt insulation. Properly installed insulation helps to maximize energy efficiency and comfort while minimizing heat loss or gain.

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