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Green Home Improvements Save Money and Increases Resale Value- Attic Insulation, Worcester

24 June 2013

Homeowners planning to sell their homes are being urged to ‘go green’.   Research is saying that making your home more energy efficient can save you money and increase the value of your property when you decide to sell. Heating costs are typically the highest and most variable expenses for homeowners. As a result, homeowners are doing energy saving home renovations.

It is finally hot in Worcester. Instead of turning down the temperature on the AC, there are better ways to keep your house more comfortable during the summer that are easier on your wallet and the environment.

Save money by improving your home’s energy efficiency rating, this could also add more money to your asking price when you decide to sell your home. Buyers want to save money on energy bills. The most common home energy improvements are double glazing, a more efficient boiler, and attic and crawl space insulation.

Adding better or more insulation to your attic and crawl spaces will save you money. If your home does not have enough attic insulation, attic heat is going to be transferred into the house.  Avoid high energy bills by focusing your home improvement efforts to areas where they count.  Increasing attic insulation makes a big difference in the temperature of your home in all seasons, and it will cut your heating costs in the winter.

Upgrade your attic insulation and the insulation in crawl spaces and wall cavities. Heat escaping through the attic may account for half your home’s heat loss. Make sure there’s at least 12” of insulation. Upgraded insulation can even help soundproof and weatherize your house for optimum living quality.

For more information on improving home value with home insulation, contact Custom Insulation.

Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!