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Home Insulation Can Help Keep Your Home Cooler – Worcester, Boston

17 July 2013

When the hot weather arrives, homeowners worry about cooling down their homes. Insulation can help, but here is advice on what can help and why:

Attic insulation

Improving attic insulation will work if you have an older home. When you look in your attic you should see is a continuous layer of insulation with no wood peeking out. If a lot of wood is visible, you don’t have enough insulation.

Generally, if your insulation was installed 20 years ago, it has probably deteriorated. If so, it needs redoing or improving. If your home was built before 1984, it almost certainly needs more insulation.

But most attics in homes built more recently were insulated to the recommended rating. The recommended R-value measures how effectively insulation resists heat flow into your cooled spaces.

Over-insulating an attic or crawl space won’t save you enough money on your power bills to make it worth it. If you think you need more insulation, consult a reputable insulation expert.

Insulating walls

Adding insulation to walls can make a big improvement in cooling your house in summer and heating it in winter, particularly if you have an older home built from concrete blocks.

Foam insulation can improve the R-value of concrete block walls by as much as five times. Typically, an older house can go from R-2 or -3 to R-11.

Foam insulation can also be installed in older frame construction houses that have little or no insulation and will make a dramatic difference.

For more information on insulating your home, contact Custom Insulation.

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Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!