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Keeping Your Home Evenly Cool in Summer

22 May 2012

We always get questions about heating and cooling when the seasons change. We have had some high temperatures, and many homeowners are inquiring about how to keep their cooling bills lower. Others are interested in how to keep homes a more even temperature so the AC can work less.

Q: I need advice on summer cooling of the second floor of my home. The finished basement is cold, (all vents closed) the rooms on the main floor are chilly (most vents closed) and the upstairs is warm with all vents open. Is there a reasonably priced option that you would recommend?

A: Fact, hot air rises. The upper floors will always be warmer, especially in the summer. To make the second floor more comfortable you should start by bringing your attic insulation up to at least R-49 and making sure the attic is adequately and properly vented. You will immediately notice a difference in comfort and more even temperature of your home. The investment will be well worth it because immediately you will begin to save money on both cooling and heating costs.

By increasing your attic insulation, you allow less cooled air out of your home, allowing your second floor to stay cooler and allows the other floors to have a more even temperature.

Are you interested in saving money on your cooling bill while keeping your home more evenly cooled this summer? Contact Custom Insulation.

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Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!