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Save Money with More Insulation - Worcester, Boston

3 September 2013

When you’re using energy you don’t have to use, you’re wasting money. Or if the air you are heating is heading outside, you are also wasting money.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a typical home’s air leakage can account to up to 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling. That translates to a loss of up to 40 cents on every dollar spent heating or cooling the average home.

Homeowners looking to put that money back in their pockets will find that sealing air leaks can significantly reduce energy bills and also make their home more comfortable.

Many air leaks in homes are obvious, such as around windows, doors and electrical outlets. But others like those in attics, around chimneys, crawlspaces and through recessed lighting fixtures, which are often the more significant sources of energy loss in a home, can be more challenging to detect.

Many builders and remodelers recommend a “whole-house” assessment before homeowners start sealing air leaks for energy efficiency. Some contractors can use special diagnostic tools to help pinpoint your home’s actual leakage and make recommendations for sealing the building envelope and ducts, adding insulation if needed.

Along with saving money, an overall growing sensitivity to the environment has added to the momentum behind energy efficiency and helped bring sustainability concerns to the forefront such as the use of renewable building materials and the use of recycled products including insulation made from recycled materials in home building and remodeling, water conservation and reuse, indoor air quality and healthy homes, and even renewable energy sources.

Recent history shows that consumers will choose “green” options or greener homes as long as they are convenient and affordable – especially once they clearly understand the long-term benefits from both a financial and environmental perspective. More and more, we are seeing how simple actions can make a big difference.

For more information on making your home more green with added insulation, contact Custom Insulation.


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