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Seamless Gutters are the Best Choice in Aluminum Gutters

14 August 2012

While most homeowners probably take them for granted, gutters and downspouts play a critical role home maintenance.

When it's working perfectly, a home's drainage system will hardly be noticeable, but when something goes wrong, homeowners may notice several signs.

When gutters are clogged the water will either overflow or back up between the gutter and the shingles.

In the winter a clogged gutter may freeze and crack. In addition to clogging, the spikes that attach a gutter could also come loose. This can cause the pitch of the gutter to change and interfere with proper drainage.

Over time, leaks can develop in gutters that have seams.

Whenever you have seams in your gutters, there's always the possibility for leaks. The best choice in aluminum gutters are seamless gutters.

Homeowners can also install leaf guards on their gutters which will improve the home's drainage system.

Most problems with a home's drainage system can be prevented by regular gutter cleaning. The frequency of cleaning depends on the number of trees on a property, since leaves will clog gutters.  It is recommended that you do a fall and spring cleaning.

Another major problems homeowners experience with their home's drainage system is clogged downspouts. However, regardless of maintenance, eventually aluminum gutters and downspouts do have to be replaced.

Aluminum gutters last from 15-30 years, depending on how they're maintained and kept up. But, once they get older, the seams will start to bust open.

If a gutter is damaged, it can be patched, but it will still leak again. In most cases, if a gutter has had leaks, it should be replaced with new seamless gutters. Seamless gutters these days last a lot longer.

Also, gutters can now be equipped with heat cables to keep ice from forming in them in the winter.

For information on aluminum seamless gutters, contact Custom Insulation.

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