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Spray Foam Insulation Adds Structure to Your Home

16 July 2020

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Boston, MA

The Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation and its air sealing capabilities are wildly popular insulation choices because it does more than insulate your home. It strengthens it.

SPF insulation adds strength to walls as it hardens the building’s structure. This is truly a remarkable product. It excels in creating a consistent roof and wall covering that most effectively retards air and moisture penetration.

The reason why Spray foam insulation has been construction's favorite is its characteristics that add the structural strength of the building. This helps spread the load of your home’s framework and thereby helping protect against heavy snow and thunderstorms. It is sprayed directly into the interior of the walls and sticks to the building materials. This means that as the walls shift the insulation moves as the walls do and it hardens. It expands as it comes into contact with the air and as it dries it hardens into a rigid state. Since the insulation sticks to the building materials and hardens, this rigidity is added to the building materials themselves.

This makes the Spray foam insulation a contributor to a stronger building structure and durability which are especially important nowadays. Homeowners and other building owners are looking for ways to protect their properties from wind and water damage. And with Spray polyurethane foam’s (SPF) insulation and air sealing benefits it is closely looked at due to its structural benefits.

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