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Spray Foam Insulation Combat Heat Loss and Air Infiltration in Your Home’s Attic - Boston, Worcester, MA

3 November 2015

Spray foam insulation in Boston, MA almost doubles the strength of your walls while acting like a glue holding your roof sheathing in place during high winds. This is one reason why this type of insulation is now considered the fastest growing segment of insulation in the construction trade. Without spray foam insulation in place, your home could have up to 50% of heated air leaking outside rather than remaining trapped inside.

Spray foam insulation is an ideal material for home attic insulation. Only one application is required in order to seal and insulate your home. Installation professionals guarantee that home attic insulation will combat heat loss and air infiltration better than any other standard insulation system. Unlike other traditional insulation, spray foam also will not contribute to moisture-related decay and mold.

With many benefits and few drawbacks, spray foam insulation is rapidly becoming a common choice among homeowners and professional contractors. It is also easy to install in new construction. However, it can also be used well in remodeling projects. Although it is more expensive initially to install spray foam insulation, the long term savings associated with it far outweigh any cost differences. And, since it does not deteriorate, the savings on heating and cooling will continue indefinitely.

To find out more about spray foam insulation for your attic, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

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