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Spray Foam Insulation Creates an Excellent Barrier Against Pests, Mold, and Noise - Boston, Worcester, MA

17 December 2015

Not all insulation material can claim what spray foam insulation can. In addition to making a home more efficient, spray foam insulation protects against pests, mold and noise as well. It helps minimize humidity therefore preventing mold growth. But above all else, spray foam offers long-term energy savings that sets this type of insulation far above the other options.

Most homeowners want wildlife and rodents to stay outside, right? Spray foam insulation is ideal for home attic insulation because it seals even the smallest of holes and cracks while none of the products use in its manufacturing appeal to insects or animals. This is why pests do not attempt to chew through the foam, damaging the insulation properties.

While spray foam insulation in Worcester, MA is largely known for its ability to block the cold air outside from coming into your home in winter, it is also becoming well-known by pest control experts and home builders as a way to create an excellent barrier which keeps pests outside where they belong. Spray foam insulation seals gaps and cracks in the house minimizing humidity levels and air infiltration. It also helps prevent moisture from permeating ceilings and attic spaces which often result in mold growth which can cause wood rot, home damage, and poor air quality. Even those annoying environmental and neighborhood sounds cannot infiltrate spray foam insulation.

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