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Spray Foam Insulation Decreases Monthly Utility Bills and Improves Home Comfort

18 August 2017

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Boston,  Worcester, MA

When homeowners overlook the importance of the right home attic insulation in Boston, MAthere will always be increased utility bills and compromised comfort . As more and more homeowners understand the importance of sufficient insulation there is more of a demand for home attic insulation to keep treated air indoors and lower home costs.

There are many options for home insulation, but one in particular offers many benefits - spray foam insulation. It is widely used to seal voids the attic and wall cavities to form a thermal envelope that maintains a constant temperature indoors. Properly and professionally installed spray foam insulation also helps prevent air and moisture infiltration resulting in a more consistent indoor temperature without overworking the in-house HVAC system.

Homeowners with spray foam attic insulation can run their HVAC more economically for lower utility expenses. With this the right R-value of insulation in place, homeowners can save 30-50% on heating and cooling bills annually.

Spray foam insulation also doubles the strength of the walls. Its adhesive ingredients act like a glue holding the roof sheathing solidly in place. Spray foam is also easy to apply, sealing and insulating a home quickly in order to replace or supplement existing home insulation.

To find out more about the benefits of spray foam insulation contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

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