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Spray Foam Insulation: Delivers Superior Heat and Cooling Insulation Effect

22 October 2021

Spray Foam Insulation in Sterling, CT

Our experience shows that spray foam insulation, while not always the cheapest home insulation upgrade, is almost universally considered to be the value home insulation solution. This is because, like most everything in life, you get what you pay for. What you get in return for your home improvement investment is maximum lower utility bills that ultimately pays for this home improvement investment in remarkably short time.

Homeowners' choice is the spray foam insulation because it assures that the seals of their homes are secured and the air will not leak into their homes. The material benefit of this insulation is on top of the energy savings that it gives in maintaining a constant temperature inside the home. It ensures the air sealing of your home that stops the air leaks which saves all the furnace and air conditioners that will be running constantly. Thereby, it results in saving your money on the monthly energy bills. Another utmost benefit of spray foam insulation, is the solution that it gives in the condensation on the walls. The insulation is sufficient enough to handle the difference of the temperature from the outside to the inside of the home.

With spray foam insulation, the resistance value which is the ability to create an airtight seal is proven to be the highest ranking on the market. Spray foam insulation indeed has gone mainstream because it is a completely seamless air barrier that prevents air leakage and pollutant infiltration.

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