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Spray Foam Insulation is Superior to Other Types of Insulation - Boston, Worcester, MA

19 August 2016

The unmatched air sealing properties of spray foam insulation is the main reason why it is a superior product over other types of insulation. It creates an air seal that the other types of insulation cannot surpass or in many cases, even replicate.

This excellent thermal and moisture barrier also keeps indoor air cleaner by reducing pollen and dust infiltration. So if you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma, this is a good solution. Because of this added benefit, spray foam insulation in Boston, MA has become the preferred insulation for educated contractors and architects.

Spray foam insulation is an ideal alternative when it comes to home attic insulation. If you need insulation in the attic, do so by simply adding spray foam insulation in order to seal all cracks, crevices, recessed light fixtures, and vents. The air sealing properties of spray foam will prevent moisture from entering the attic and subsequently into the other parts of your house.

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