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Spray Foam Insulation: Leave No Room For Energy Leaks

5 December 2023

Custom Insulation Company, Inc

Unknown to many, a well-insulated energy efficient crawl space is a game-changer in enhancing overall energy efficiency. Many homeowners focus on visible areas like windows, doors, and attics while neglecting the crawl space. Spray foam insulation makes it an ideal choice for crawl spaces because of its moisture resistance.

Spray foam insulation is incredibly versatile and adheres to various surfaces including irregular shapes and uneven terrain. It is very adaptable in expanded coverage leaving no space uninsulated. Most homeowners are aware of the importance of insulating walls and attics but the energy efficiency journey truly begins with a well-insulated space. Often-neglected space will be a significant source of heat loss affecting your home’s thermal performance. With spray foam insulation, since it expands to fill gaps and cracks, providing a seamless and airtight barrier, it ensures that every nook and cranny in your crawl space is effectively insulated, leaving no room for energy leaks. Consider spray foam insulation as an initial investment in your home with a slightly higher cost but the long-term savings are substantial. The energy efficient gains make it a cost-effective choice in the grand scheme.

This insulation will significantly reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency in your home. However, it is important that proper installation is followed because improper installation will lead to problems. In the case of spray foam insulation in roof insulation, if the spray foam is not applied evenly or if there are gaps or voids in the application, it will not perform optimally.

Hire a spray foam insulation expert to ensure it is properly installed, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

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