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Spray Foam Insulation Tips

24 May 2023

Custom Insulation Company - Spray Foam

Today we offer you some insights of the benefits of spray foam insulation to homeowners. It is to your fiscal advantage to learn about the benefits of spray foam insulation and the reasons why it is considered one of the very best forms of residential and commercial insulation. When installed by professionals, it will deliver functional excellence for decades.

Top on the list is choosing Professional insulation crew like Custom Insulation Company to handle the job. The difference between a professional insulation crew and a non-professional will be seen in the results of their work. The professionals have enough experience and knowledge to select the right materials, carefully mix them, and properly install an insulation system. The non-professionals will make mistakes that will cause your insulation system to deteriorate, sag or settle. The qualified insulation crew will offer leveraging continuous insulation without you telling them. Take advantage of this continuous insulation. This continuous insulation will entail covering all your home walls with insulation to increase the R-value and create an airtight barrier. Lastly, avoid DIY spray foam insulation. It will be a disaster because spray foam insulation is not an easy task to play with. Lack of experience and information will lead to incidents or cause damage to your home. And as expected the results will be unsatisfactory. DIY spray foam insulation is a big NO as advised by industry professionals.

Spray foam insulation is mostly preferred by homeowners because it delivers a higher R-value per inch of thickness. This is very important because R-value is a direct indicator that shows the efficient insulation systems your home has. Once properly installed, spray foam does not sag or settle and needs little to no maintenance at all. It will last for as long as your building can.

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