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What Kind of Insulation Should You Choose?

25 September 2012

For new construction, foam insulation is an ideal choice, but in existing homes insulating the underside of the roof's decking with blanket insulation can be a better value.

The existing attic insulation should be removed and a heating/cooling duct should be installed to control and condition the attic space if one does not exist already. There is no out-gassing of the expanding foam insulation.

The R-rating is the resistance to thermal transfer, and the higher the R-rating the better, but the insulation should never touch the underside of the roof's decking. A baffle should be installed between the rafters where the roof's decking is close to the attic's floor to provide airflow from the home's soffit vents and to prevent contact between the blown-in insulation and the decking.
If you choose foam insulation, there is no need for the baffles because all of the decking would be covered.

Custom Insulation recommends you get a few bids to compare; making sure each contractor is licensed and insured. Before hiring a contractor, contact your local Better Business Bureau for information on the contractor's business -- and always get references from the contractor and contact his customers to see if they were satisfied with the work.

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