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Why Do Copper Gutter Turn Green?

10 August 2020

Copper gutters in Worcester, MA

You are probably wondering why your copper gutter turns from orange-red to green after some time. The greenish-film forming naturally on the surface of your copper gutter is called patina. This is due to oxidation that happens over time when copper metal is exposed to air and ambient moisture.

While they are essentially a tarnish formed by oxidation they are often admired as being of ornamental value. In addition, the stain not merely adds an aesthetic feature to your gutter, but it also serves as a protection from corrosion. It actually helps extend the life of your copper gutter system.

However, people have a varied taste for style. For those homeowners who find the green patina dirty and unattractive, a coating can treat the metal in order to prevent air and moisture from getting into its surface. However, the coating can wear off over time and you need to re-apply the coating to make sure the metal will retain its shiny surface.

Patina can also be removed but you need to seek a professional to handle the job. There are special cleaning paste and tools used to properly removed the patina from the copper metal.

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