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Five Fireplace Safety Measures in Worcester MA

7 May 2014

A fireplace is one of the many options for home enhancements. It helps in heating up your home and reducing home heating expenses. But before you use it, do the following fireplace safety measures first whether you are using a wood, gas, or electric fireplace:

Make necessary repairs
Check up the parts of your fireplace as it may have missing cap or loose bricks. Repair these and all else before you use your fireplace to supplement your main heating system. Also make sure the fireplace mantle and area around the hearth is clear of decorations, especially those combustible materials, and of debris for safe use of your fireplace.

Hire a chimney sweep
Before you enjoy relaxing by a warm fire with your fireplace, hire a chimney sweep to remove soot and debris left by last year's winter. You may also ask a certified chimney specialist to have your chimney its annual check-up. They may also some helpful tips on fireplace safety.

Keep an eye on kids
Keep your kids away from the fireplace when a fire is burning. Consider installing a childproof fireplace gate. You can also use a spark guard to prevent embers from shooting out from the fireplace.

Put out the fire
Before leaving the house or going to bed, make sure you put out the fire first. Remember not to leave a fire unattended. You can also install smoke detectors on every floor of your house and inside your bedrooms for more security. Also, do not overload as too much heat generated by large fire can crack a fireplace's chimney. When disposing ashes from the fireplace, never empty ashes directly into the trash bin. Instead, allow them to cool down first before disposing.

Start right
Never burn trash or any sort to start the fire, neither should you use flammable liquids. Use seasoned hardwood so as not to accelerate creosote buildup in the chimney. Start right by building small fires that burn completely and only produce less smoke.

For more information about fireplace safety and for other home enhancement concerns, contact Custom Insulation.

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