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Spray Foam Insulation Saves on Electric Bills - Worcester, MA

12 June 2013

Spray foam insulation provides many benefits, including lower energy costs and it reduces air infiltration into your home, making it more comfortable year round.

Spray foam insulation can be used for insulating walls and attics and on roofs. It air seals around walls, roofs, corners and on other contoured surfaces. Using spray foam insulation makes your home more comfortable by preventing drafts and helps better control indoor temperature.  

The insulation resists heat transfer extremely well, helping keep the home cool during summer and warm in winter. One of spray foam insulation’s greatest benefits is its air-sealing ability blocking air infiltration without cutting insulation. The higher the R-value, and the greater the resistance to air movement, the higher the thermal performance of the insulation system.

Spray foam insulation is most effective at keeping outside air from coming into a house by sealing cracks, seams and joints, which means less energy is needed to heat and cool the home. It is more than just insulation. It acts as a moisture barrier, preventing condensation and water intrusion.  

Sealing gaps with spray foam insulation provides a barrier against exterior pollen and dust, which will improve indoor air quality which is helpful in protecting allergy sufferers. Spray foam insulation also insulates against sound.   

When having SPF installed, work with a professional contractor who can educate you on the installation process. For more information contact Custom Insulation.


No More Clogged Gutters - Worcester, Boston

7 June 2013

If you are building a home you need to decide on a type of gutter system. Every home needs a gutter system. But too often gutters get clogged, causing damage to your landscaping, you home and often allowing water into  places where it is just not allowed. Cleaning clogged gutters involves either a messy, dangerous job or a big yearly bill. No one likes clogged gutters, but they all clog, or do they?

Building a home or replacing a roof as a result of water damage, your home needs a smart, tough gutter system that ensure that water flows into your gutters and that the leaves and debris stay out of them. This can be done with gutter guards. But, when it comes to gutter guards, your home needs a strong, fast draining, and long lasting solution that works. You need The Water Fall Gutter Guard System.

With The Water Fall Gutter Guard System you will finally no longer have the expense nor need to spend the time cleaning your gutters. The Water Fall Gutter Guard System is built to last and keeps your gutter clean.

WaterFall's has a patented design that slides under any shingled roof. It clips firmly to K-style gutters and stays put even in the wind.

Key Features:

  • Innovative "step" design that can handle up to 10 inches of rain per hour
  • Low profile appearance that lasts — no change to the roofline
  • Manufactured from durable vinyl
  • Perfect for 4" and 5" K-style gutters with special adapters for use with 6" K-style gutters too

For more information on The Waterfall Gutter Guard System, contact Custom Insulation.

Copper Gutters - Aesthetics in Green Remodeling

30 May 2013

Are  you building, remodeling or upgrading a home this spring in the Worcester area? Green building elements are the way to go, and they will give you a higher ROI when it is time to sell. With copper gutters you are not only using a green building material, you are also making a decision to cut down on  home maintenance  as well.

With copper gutters you are making a green remodeling choice while also bringing the aesthetics of your home to a whole different level.

Copper gutters bring class and style to your home. But better yet, copper is a renewable resource that adds a ‘green’ element to your home.  Copper gutters are far more attractive than aluminum gutters. In fact, homeowners try to hide aluminum gutters, copper gutters want to be seen. Copper gutters have a look that will showcase your home.  

Best of all, copper gutters are low maintenance and will last forever. They don’t rust or rot, can withstand any weather and copper works as a natural algaecide/fungicide. All of these attributes make copper gutters easier to maintain than vinyl or aluminum.

For more information on a copper gutter system, contact Custom Insulation.

Value of Copper Gutters in Worcester and Boston

20 May 2013

Copper gutters are great for historical restorations or for adding an architectural flare and functionality to your home. Copper gutters will both dress up and protect your home.

Few exterior design elements are also functional. Copper gutters will add flare and design value to your home. But, perhaps more importantly, copper gutters will provide years of low maintenance protection and investment value.

Just like any other gutter systems, copper gutters and downspouts collect rainwater from the roof and direct it away from your home, keeping your home safe from water infiltration. So why copper gutters if they do what all other gutters systems do?

Copper Gutter Maintenance
Copper is the perfect material for exterior use because it is a very low maintenance, natural material. In fact, few materials maintain their integrity for as long as copper. With copper gutters no painting or sealing is required and they will not rust.  A regular gutter cleaning schedule will be sufficient in keeping them working efficiently and effectively.

Copper is also a natural fungicide, so there will be no algae or mold grow to contend with either. This makes copper gutters easier to clean than traditional aluminum gutters.

Copper gutters will add to the functionality and integrity of your home, but they also add aesthetic value to your home as well. Copper gutters will keep your home safe, but they add a distinct style that sets your home apart from the others. In fact, the style is immediately noticeable and distinctive.

For more information on copper gutters, contact Custom Insulation.

Do Not Install New Gutters on Your Own – Worcester, MA

17 May 2013

The single greatest threat to any home in Worcester is moisture. The longer your home takes in water in the roof or basement, the greater the damage can be. You can keep water out of and away from your home with rain gutters. Along these lines, too many homeowners attempt to install their own gutter system in order to save money. But it doesn’t make any sense to install gutters on your own in order to save money when in the long run you may end up spending a lot more to repair water damage.

Repairing damage to your home from water can be very expensive. It is crucial to have a quality, functional gutter system on your home to catch rain and drain it away from the house. The three top reasons to hire a professional to install rain gutters rather than doing it themselves.

1. Seamless gutters are far less likely to leak and they look a lot better on the house. Sectional gutters show seams are far more likely to leak, which allows your home to get moisture damage. Only professionals are equipped to install seamless gutters. Additionally, seamless gutters are very long, which makes them very difficult to install for the DIY homeowner.  

2. It is much safer for you to use a professional to install rain gutters. It is not easy to work on a roof. Slips and falls can happen easily and quickly. If an accident does happen, a professional contractor has the insurance to cover his injuries.

3. Professional gutter installers are able to notice the little things during guttering installation that you may not notice. Having a professional do the installation also serves as a way to get a professional 'check-up' on the roof and fascia boards.

For more information on new gutters and installation, contact Custom Insulation in Worcester.

Excerpts SBWire

Home Insulation Gives Homeowners More Disposable Income in Boston and Worcester

9 May 2013

Homeowners are concerned about the future price for heating their homes. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one of the most effective and immediate ways to stretch energy dollars is throughout weatherization. Insulating walls and attics, sealing drafty doors and windows, and repairing or replacing outdated or faulty heating equipment can save as much as 32% in home heating fuel consumption.

Making lasting energy-efficiency improvements to your homes gives you more resources for other essentials or extravagances. Adding home insulation can reduce annual energy bills by an average of $437.

The economic benefits of home insulation are substantial. Each well insulated home gives homeowners more disposable income, money they are not spending on heating or cooling their inefficient home. This is especially important for low-income households, which typically spend 14% or more of their income on energy.

Adding or replacing home insulation is a home improvement project that pays off. ROI is one of the biggest considerations in choosing a home improvement. The cost of adding attic insulation or wall insulation will pay for itself in decreased energy bills.

For more information on home insulation in Boston and Worcester, contact Custom Insulation.

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Copper Gutters for Green Building in Boston and Worcester

29 April 2013

If you are building a home or remodeling your existing home and are trying to make green construction choices, consider that the greenest choice for a gutter system is copper gutters. Why? Because copper is one of only a few materials that is fully sustainable.  Only 12% of the copper reserves have been mined and most of what has been mined is still in use. It is also estimated that 55% of all the copper used for architectural purposes today is recycled.

Copper is an incredibly durable building material, which makes it an excellent choice for parts of home construction that will be subject to excessive wear and tear. Your copper gutters will last at least 100 years. Once you install them on your home, you will never replace them. There is no other gutter system or gutter material that you can say this about. Although the price of copper gutters is more than aluminum, your aluminum gutters will not last nearly as long, and will incur far more maintenance and repair costs.

Copper gutters are virtually maintenance free. Although a copper gutter system will require the regular debris removal that all gutter systems occasionally need, copper gutters will not need to be repainted or replaced over their lifespan. With the natural properties of copper gutters that work as a fungicide and algaecide, they also naturally eliminate one of the biggest causes of clogged gutters: moss.
For more information on copper gutters for your Boston or Worcester area home, contact Custom Insulation.

Great News!

24 April 2013

Custom Insulation Co., Inc. is proud to be a member of the Northeast Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association and, by affiliation, with the nationally known HPBA.

The Northeast Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (NEHPBA) is a not-for-profit trade association, and is known throughout the Northeast for promoting Safety, Quality & National Fire Institution (NFI) Certification Training.

Custom Insulation Co., Inc. is always striving to bring our Quality & Service to the highest possible level. As part of our “Continuous Improvement” philosophy, we will be working with NEHPBA over the coming months to bring even greater value to you, our customer.

Copper Gutters Are the Best Choice - Worcester, Boston

22 April 2013

April showers bring May flowers. But in Boston and Worcester, it often rains more in May, so now is the time to replaces the gutters if needed. Consider copper gutters, so you will never have to think about gutter care or maintenance again. Even better, copper gutters are a green option, and they will increase the value of your home.

Better than any other type of gutters, copper gutters can stand up to whatever type of weather that comes your way.

With copper gutters you can add a value and a distinct style to your home that aluminum gutters just can’t provide. Copper is immediately noticeable and add unique visual appeal.

Copper gutters require less maintenance than aluminum gutters but they still protect homes from water damage, and they look great doing it.

Of course, copper gutters are more expensive than aluminum gutters, but there are no maintenance costs and they last a lifetime. Combined with the resale value they add to your home, you will surely make the additional expense up over time.

Every home needs a gutter system, copper gutters are the best choice. If you are looking for a beautiful gutter system to stand up to the elements, that lasts a lifetime, and is maintenance free, contact Custom Insulation.

The Right Insulation Saves Money All Year Long

17 April 2013

With a tight economy, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs. Heating and cooling costs can be the biggest expenditures in our homes by far. With summer approaching it is still time to think about upgrading the insulation in your home. Adding insulation, along with sealing air leaks, is one of the most cost-effective energy-saving home improvements you can make to an existing home. In fact, just doing this can cut heating and cooling costs by at least 15%, often more.

According to the department of commerce, there is a  basic rule of insulating that is the same for each and every home: "install insulation on any surface separating a heated space from an unheated space—attics, walls, basement walls, floors and crawl spaces".
Even if your home already has insulation in these areas, it can be very beneficial in saving on energy costs to add more insulation, especially adding attic insulation. Sealing air leaks around vents, chimneys, wires, and light fixtures should also be done when you add the additional insulation for the best results.

If you think that you are spending too much on energy costs, an energy assessment of your home can be done which should include an insulation inspection which will tell you how much insulation you have and how much more you need. The amount of insulation, which is measured in R-values, and the type of insulation that is best for your home, will vary for every home. The amount you need also depends on:

  • how much insulation your home currently has
  • the accessibility and space available for the insulation
  • the location of the home

The colder weather zones like Boston and Worcester call for higher R-values. For more information on adding insulation to your existing home, contact Custom Insulation.

Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!