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Blanket Home Insulation: Thermal and Noise Control

17 October 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Blanket Home Insulation

Blanket home insulation is a most effective and economical insulation strategy that can be applied to any home. Lesser known, blanket insulation provides highly effective sound control and outstanding thermal performance. It delivers a home that performs in extreme temperatures. It gets into all the voids where traditional insulation will not protect creating a blanket of insulation and making your home more energy efficient.

Adding pieces of batt insulation to the rim joints, the area along the top of the foundation where it meets the exterior walls greatly helps in conserving energy. The fiberglass insulation placed on walls and ceilings will dampen sound and thermal insulation in metal and wooden roofs, partition walls and for cladding floors. And in the case where your basement is unheated, installing blanket insulation in between exposed floor joists is favorable. It is the most used insulation that comes in rolls or sheets and fits perfectly between rafters and wall joists. Installing insulation in the right places will maximize energy efficiency and comfort. Others are installing insulation blankets with roof raisers to give the house additional thermal qualities.

Blanket insulation will keep you warm during the long winter but also keeps your home cool in the summer. It is a must-have for all weather grilling especially for those who live in a region that reaches 35*F or colder. It is recommended to get an energy audit for your home to conduct a blower door test to reduce your home’s air pressure. Blanket insulation is the best thing for homebuilding comfort.

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Spray Foam Insulation: A High-Value Home Insulation System

10 October 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc

Incredible energy savings. Air-tight seal. Moisture Barrier. Mold deterrent. Long Life-Span. Eco-Friendly. These are all characteristics of spray foam home insulation. Spray foam insulation is lightweight and fills in the tiniest of attic cracks. Open cell spray foam insulation expands and closes every crevice thus leaving your attic and walls with a perfect airtight seal. It delivers superb adhesion to all surfaces, metal, wood, or vinal.

This extremely energy-efficient home insulation product, when applied correctly, will not only save significant monthly dollars in the form of lower energy bills, but also raises the value of your property. Home inspectors will make note of your highly efficient insulation system. This offers value when it comes time to sell your home.

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Spray Foam Insulation’s Cost Saving Benefits

30 September 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc

Spray foam is considered to be right at the very top of the most effective home insulation solutions. It is often the top choice for homeowners and builders alike. It is a superior solution that will keep your home properly protected. Offering high R-value (efficiency standards) there will be no need for upgrade or replacement for years. For spray foam insulation, to last a lifetime, let a professional install the spray foam and relax.

Spray foam is a permanent insulation solution that will protect your home for years and continue to deliver cost-saving benefits. It is a valuable investment however if improper installation is done it will pose a far greater risk than any benefits spray foam offers. It is highly important to have the installation done by a professional who guarantees a safe application. More so, spray foam deters moisture. It pushes itself into even the tiniest nooks and crannies such giving a little chance for water to get in your home. Further, spray foam improves indoor air quality. Its major benefit is its ability to minimize indoor allergens such as dust, mold, mildew and other pollutants. And the best part it improves comfort since it creates an air-tight seal protecting your home from elements and keeping it warm, dry and comfortable.

With spray foam insulation, it guarantees to keep people feeling their best. It is the perfect solution that reduces allergy and asthma symptoms and minimizes other chemical sensitivities. And for optimal performance of spray foam, ensure to have a proper energy recovery ventilation system giving room if it is found to be defective or if it is not properly cured or begins to crack due to improper installation.

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Blown-In Insulation: Improve Health, Save Money, Improve Home Value

23 September 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc

Upgrading your home with blown-in insulation will give tremendous benefits. It is considered the most convenient choice over existing insulation or in between walls and ceiling joists without disturbing the structures. The blown-in insulation will easily cover large areas and fill in areas with tight spaces and angles. It will make your space comfortable. Giving your home an upgrade with blown-in insulation, you will experience savings, good health and home value.

The most common material used for blown-in applications is cellulose material. It is environmentally friendly since it is made from recycled newspaper, cardboard and other wood-based materials. And this blown-in cellulose is treated with boric acid and other substances that make it flame resistant and mold-resistant. For this reason, it improves the energy efficiency of your home and helps protect the environment. Many homeowners prefer blown-in insulation because it is the best means of adding insulation in existing construction, both for attic spaces and in wall cavities. This insulation offers a faster way to tremendously improve your attic insulation. It is also preferred for wall cavities because blown-in insulation is the only practical way to improve the R-value of stud cavities which is short of removing the entire wall surfaces. The installation involves the use of a mechanical blower or hopper which is performed by a contractor specializing in the process.

With blown-in insulation experience a reduced monthly cost on your energy bills. In addition, it will lessen outside noise giving you a better night’s rest. It is very cost effective, and it will allow you to get better comfort and lower monthly costs at an affordable price point. Lastly with blown-in insulation it will reduce energy waste and you will be helping the environment. Do your part for a green and brighter tomorrow!

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Blanket Attic Insulation: Realize Superb Home Insulation Results

22 September 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Blanket Insulation

The cooler weather is fast approaching and it is the ultimate time to start working on home improvements. Insulation is mostly an overlooked home improvement. With blanket insulation, which is the most commonly installed type of insulation, it offers countless benefits like energy cost saving benefits, comfort benefits and environmental benefits. There are different methods to choose from and blanket insulation is on top of the list.

Blanket insulation is one of the most widely used types of insulation both for new home construction and retrofit jobs. It greatly lowers the energy bill all year round and provides comfort by helping your home maintain a comfortable temperature. In addition with this type of insulation, it reduces noise from the outside and between the floors and different rooms. Choosing the blanket insulation is commonly installed in spaces without too many obstacles like pipes or wiring, fitted between beams, joists and steel studs. It is the reason why blanket insulation will be found in areas such as unfinished walls, floors and ceilings. It is also used as thermal insulation for areas inside your home. Generally, it is the attic where blanket insulation is commonly installed. Further, the R-value of blanket insulation will be dependent on how thick it is.

If you are planning for home improvement, the amount of blanket insulation you will need will depend on the type of heating and cooling system that you have and the part of the house that you are planning to insulate. Properly installed blanket insulation will ensure that your home is very energy efficient and it is environmentally friendly.

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Blanket Insulation Fall Tips

16 September 2022

Custom Insulation Company

Before the weather turns cold, everyone will make some preparations. It will be the best time to start thinking about preparing your home and getting ready. Early preparation before the start of cold weather will save you a lot of time and trouble when the first blizzard falls. Nothing beats a prepared home before the winter’s arrival.

It is necessary to make some small investment in weather sealing in order to save money on the energy bills and help your loved ones stay warm and cozy during the cold weather. Doing work in sealing and insulating will give wonders during winter. For doors and windows, closing gaps around it with weather stripping will ensure no cold air will come in. It goes with the attic where insulation is highly important, the basement, walls and around pipes. With an attic radiant barrier it will keep your home cooler and more comfortable. Further, the fireplace will require inspection from a professional in order to make sure that the fireplace is safe and soot-free before firing up those logs. The professional’s visit will make sure that it will run efficiently and safely and it will give a nice atmosphere during cold weather.

With blanket insulation, it will greatly help to keep the heat in during winter. The controlled attic temperature will keep the heat escape and make sure that the insulation levels are appropriate for the entire house. With the insulation, it will simply slow the heat from leaving the house.

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Blown-In Insulation: Creates An Insulating Blanket To Offer Comfier Conditions

15 September 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Blown-In Insulation

Did you know that building codes require a minimum amount of insulation in walls and attics. Homebuilders increasingly choose blown-in insulation as the chosen path to meet building codes. Blown-in insulation utilizes tiny pieces of insulating material that are blown into your walls and above the ceiling. This creates an insulating blanket to offer comfier conditions.

This insulation when blown into attics and wall spaces offers an average of R-2.5 thermal value per inch which the higher the number, the greater the insulating effect. Another type is Cellulose which is made from finely shredded recycled cardboard or newspaper and chemically treated to resist mold and fire. It has an average thermal value of R-3.7. It is the insulation choice of most eco-minded homeowners. Lastly, the Mineral wool insulation which is made from blast furnace slag has a thermal value of R-3.3 per inch. From the above, the basis will be the higher the thermal resistance (R-value), the greater the insulating effect.

It is recommended to consult with a professional insulation contractor to ensure that you get the right insulation in your area. Finding trusted local insulation experts will do the blown-in insulation efficiently as it fills gaps and lets it flow down around wall studs. The materials are non-toxic and effectively layered for added protection.

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Blown-In Insulation: Offer High Performance And Value

9 September 2022

Custom Insulation Company, Inc

Blown-in insulation is the fastest growing home insulation system of choice. This insulation provides a thermal blanket for your home. The blown material is very flexible such it seals all those hard-to-reach places and tight crevices that other insulation will not. Blown-in insulation offers high performance and value.

Many homeowners prefer blown-in insulation because it saves energy. The material locks in cooler indoor attic temperature during hot season and prevents heated and cooled air from leaking out. It effectively seals even tiny cracks and crevices that enhances HVAC performance and increases indoor comfort and ultimately saves energy. Many claim that their energy costs are reduced by almost 50% after using this insulation and that the installation usually pays for itself in two to four years. There is an advantage in using blown-in insulation because it reduces the risk of fire by creating an airtight seal. This seal keeps air from flowing through small spaces into a fire and stoking the flames. Further, it is recommended that installation will be done by qualified professionals because the material will seal wooden cross beams, electrical wiring and plumbing pipes in order to create a seamless protective covering.

Blown-in insulation creates a tight seal in the attic that lowers indoor noise from one room to another. It gives tremendous soundproofing benefits. The sound buffer will lessen outdoor noise. Overall, noise reduction will make your home feel more peaceful, quiet, comforting and safe.

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Attic Insulation Protects Your Home and Pays for Itself

31 August 2022

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Boston, MA

As summer winds down and the fall approaches, we can’t help but start thinking about the upcoming heating bills. As you know, heating and cooling is one of the largest expenses we have in our homes. If you are interested in energy conservation, consider updating, adding or replacing your home attic insulation.

Attic insulation and ventilation is a critical part of heat gain and loss in your home. Heat loss during winter results in large energy bills. Heat entering your home in the summer causes energy bills to skyrocket as well.

Proper attic insulation allows your heating and cooling system to work less, lowering heating and cooling bills. Making sure you have proper attic insulation is key in the winter to prevent heat loss.

While we are there, we’ll ensure that your attic ventilation is working properly. Through your duct work, it is important to prevent heat and moisture from being trapped. Damaging moisture rots wood and promotes the growth of mildew and molds.

Attic insulation and ventilation is a home improvement project that pays for itself in reduced energy bills and it protects your home at the same time. Contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc today.

Spray Foam Insulation: Home Improvement That Pays for Itself

26 August 2022

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Worcester, MA

Properly installed ducts, sealed openings and spray foam insulation make your home super-efficient, comfortable and clean. Open cell spray foam insulation that expands and forms in every crevice, will leave you with a perfect airtight seal. Spray foam insulation offers home efficiency that pays for itself over time in the form of lower utility bills.

Spray foam insulation offers up to 40% energy savings per month reducing your energy costs instantly. Insulating the home with closed cell spray foam covers nooks and crannies effectively prevents air from escaping. It is an excellent air barrier and is extremely energy-efficient. It is highly recommended that knowledgeable insulation companies install to ensure correct installation. In addition, spray foam insulation is watertight compared to the fiberglass that cracks under moisture. Further with spray foam insulation, the aged R-value still holds an excellent insulating capability that lasts for a long time. It is highly recommended by contractors and homeowners because spray foam is the only insulation needed that will give a fantastic performance of an entire building.

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Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!