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Fiberglass Blanket Insulation for Steel Buildings

24 September 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Blanket insulation for steel buildings is the most popular type of insulation. It comes in the form of batts or rolls which consist of flexible fibers, usually fiberglass. If properly installed and maintained, this insulation will help buildings become highly durable, energy-efficient, and well-ventilated for longer.

In steel buildings, installing insulation controls heat flow, minimizes condensation buildup, reduces exterior noise level, and increases lighting efficiency. Installing the right kind of commercial insulation aids in controlling the conduction of outside temperatures. This way, steel buildings stay warmer when the temperature drops and cooler when the temperature rises. The options for steel building insulation are limited and three factors need to be addressed when considering which type of insulation to choose: condensation, cold, and radiant heat.

Batt and blanket fiberglass insulation is an excellent insulator specifically designed for use in steel buildings.

Facing is the part of the insulation which faces the inside of the building. In choosing batt and blanket fiberglass insulation, the facing material must be carefully selected, especially if it is going to be left exposed. They vary in three key qualities – durability, permeability, and workability. The durability of the facing, which determines how well it can stand up to physical stress, withstanding ripping and tearing. The permeability pertains to the rate of water vapor transmission as steel buildings need to have a good vapor barrier to resist moisture. Workability is measured based on the minimum temperature that is required for its installation.

The insulation capacity and quality of batt fiberglass insulation in Boston, MA is directly proportional to the thickness of the material. Since the power of insulation is measured relatively in R-values, the thicker the fiberglass, the higher the R-value, the more effective a layer of insulation is.

Today there are various options and technology available for insulation in steel buildings and other venues. Choosing the right type of installation is a must to achieve optimal results. If you need an insulation expert to handle your insulation project, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Copper Gutter: Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home Instantly

23 September 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Copper Gutter System

Curb appeal is essential to selling your home. Never have a second thought about improving both the look and improved ability to protect the home from water. If your current gutter system is not cutting it, that will certainly show up in the home inspection. Get ahead of this issue up front.

Essentially, buyers won't hesitate to pay more for homes which can be occupied right away without investing in needed repairs. Enhancing the curb appeal or how your house looks from the street, pays off. A lot of buyers are very particular to the curb appeal of the property that they won’t even take a glance at a listing that doesn't have good street presence.

One important element that could enhance the exterior look of your home is having a copper gutter system. This specific exterior home project can surely attract prospects. Apart from improving the outside appearance of the house, copper gutters offer home safety and energy efficiency. It can protect your home from water, is a green building material and has virtually no maintenance. Ensuring that you have the right gutter system means that you will divert rain runoff and prevent soil erosion.

Copper gutters look great and could make your home look more elegant and stunning. It is also a curb appeal project that can lessen your home maintenance.

If you think installing a copper gutter is what your house is missing, contact Custom Insulation Company.

Spray Foam Insulation: It is What Every Home Needs

17 September 2021

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Worcester, MA

Spray foam insulation delivers huge heating and cooling efficiencies for you home at value pricing. Spray foam insulation is like wrapping a blanket around your entire home that keeps your conditioned air from escaping.

Spray foam insulation comes in the two types: open cell and closed cell foam. The less expensive version is open-cell which insulates well and is extremely effective at blocking noise. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is denser, and because of that, is more efficient at keeping air and moisture from penetrating walls.

Common to both types is the fact that the products add real structure to the home. Since it fills even the smallest of cracks, high winds have little to grab and thus protects your roof and walls from the damaging effects of high winds.

We’d welcome the opportunity to educate you on all your home insulation options. Simply contact The Custom Insulation Company today!

Aluminum Gutter: Gives Charm That Inspires Admiration and Enthusiasm in Other People

16 September 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Aluminum Gutter

When it comes to gutter systems for your home, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. One solution to strongly consider is aluminum gutter systems as they are widely considered to offer exceptional overall value and functional performance.

Aluminum gutter systems are fully customizable for color and form. There are various colors, sizes, and materials to choose from. We’ll help you choose a solution that perfectly blends with your home’s exterior.

Choosing the aluminum gutters will most certainly add beauty to your home. It serves as a good investment because it extends the lifespan of your roofing material. New gutters improve the resale value of your home as well. We’re ready to talk all your gutter system options. Simply contact us here at the Custom Insulation Company today.

Cold-Proof Your Home This Fall with Spray Foam Insulation

9 September 2021

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Worcester, MA

If you feel the need to wear back long sleeves even indoors, you know that autumn is upon us. The weather is certainly trending cooler and believe it or not will be downright cold in a matter of a few short weeks. It makes sense to consider your home’s energy efficiency now and get ahead of the cold. If you haven’t assessed your home’s insulation efficiency in recent years, strongly consider a spray foam insulation upgrade to your home now.

If you’ve witnessed your energy bills slowing creeping up over the years, then spray foam insulation will do wonders for both home comfort and your wallet as well. Spray foam insulation is one of the single best insulation solutions in terms of stopping drafts and creating much stronger seals to trap warm air inside your home. As you spray the foam it easily spreads across a surface area, completely filling up even the tiniest holes and crevices that might otherwise be impossible to seal with other traditional options. Spray foam insulation is extremely efficient and is known to help save 50% or more on your energy bill. This airtight barrier can not only protect your home from cold wind and air to seep through your walls and ceiling but it can also help you better regulate the temperature inside at your desired level. While spray foams' upfront cost is a bit pricey than other alternatives, it can last for a lifetime and it can eventually break-even the initial expense in just a short time frame.

Reach out Custom Insulation Company, Inc to improve your home’s comfort and to witness an immediate return on your investment in the form of lower energy bills.

Blanket Insulation for Residential Basements and Crawlspaces

27 August 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Blanket Insulation

The blanket insulation services we provide here in Sterling, CT provides excellent resistance to heat loss or gain helping you save on energy consumption all year regardless of the season. This flexible blanket insulation comes in rolls and is primarily used in unfinished interior walls of residential basements and crawl spaces. During application, the blanket material is laminated with the appropriate facing suited to the specific job that forms a uniformly textured insulation.

Temperatures in an uninsulated or poorly insulated basement can easily be 5 to 15 degrees cooler than the living space above making it costly to control the indoor temperature upstairs. This is one reason why it is important to take steps to ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible by installing basement blanket insulation. This turns your cold, damp basement into a comfortable, dry space increasing the overall functional space of your home while making your home more efficient and less expensive to run.

Adding blanket insulation to your home requires the expertise of an insulation specialist. In order for you to achieve the best results, it is highly recommended that you hire a specialist who will install these specialty products to your floor joists, walls, and ceilings.

For more details, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Insulate Your Air Ducts For Home Cooling and Heating Efficiency

20 August 2021

Custom Insulation Company - Insulating Air Ducts

The brutal summer heat is here and will be for a while. Then sooner than one can imagine, the brutal cold of winter will arrive. Regardless of the season, if your home is not properly insulated, you are throwing good money down the drain in the form of higher than necessary energy bills. Here’s one simple way to quit wasting hard-earned dollars. Insulate your air ducts today!

Adding insulation makes your home more energy efficient. Energy is usually wasted from your heating systems and as heat escapes from your home out of the attic. Well-maintained heating systems run more efficiently and waste less energy.

Ducts that move air to and from a forced air furnace or heat pump can waste energy. Sealing and insulating these ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating system by as much as 20%. Start with the attic and basement because these are areas where your ducts are often not insulated.

Sealing and insulating air ducts can improve their energy efficiency and keep warm air inside. Insulating your air ducts helps maintain the temperature of the air flowing through them and into your home.

Contact Custom Insulation to improve the air duct insulation in your home.

Spray Foam Insulation: Provides A Blanket of Cool Air

13 August 2021

Spray Foam Insulation in Worcester, MA

I bet most of you are staring in shock at your electric bill this summer. Mother nature certainly gets a vote here. But you all need to know how much your attic and walls get a vote as it pertains to soring utility bills. New or upgraded spray foam insulation will help you put a cap on those soring energy bills.

Spray foam insulation is one of the most common insulation choices for new home construction and renovations as well. Its versatility covers any parts of the house that you want to insulate like attic, basements, and other exterior walls. It is a high-performance product that ensures long-term energy savings because it ensures that air leakage is removed because it creates an airtight seal that prevents heat loss. It also provides high R-Value rating and the good point is it adds structural strength wherever it is installed. It is beneficial anywhere you want it to install especially if you focus on improving your home energy efficiency.

Spray foam insulation is best noted for its energy efficiency because it allows the HVAC system to operate at maximum speed allowing it to function more effectively. With the power efficiency it results in lesser demand for heating and cooling during thermal changes. And in the long run it gives more enormous benefits which the spray foam insulation will be more valued.

For more tips on Spray foam, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Aluminum Gutters: Protect Your Home with Functional Beauty

6 August 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Seamless Aluminum Gutter System

Gutter systems are a foundationally important home protection and beautification system. Here the word “foundationally” not only means fundamentally important, but gutters are THE key protective device of your home’s foundation. You have many choices for home gutter solutions, today let’s talk about the reason that aluminum rain gutter systems are so popular here in Rhode Island.

Let’s start with durability. Aluminum rain gutters are arguably the longest lasting rain gutter material on the market today. They are not prone to color bleaching due to exposure to the sun. They do not expand or contract with temperature fluctuations. They do not shatter or crack.

The aesthetic beauty that aluminum gutter systems bring to your home is endless because it will not rust and your exterior gutter is so pleasing to show off that it will last for a long time. It will keep looking like new throughout its lifecycle. There are other benefits in choosing aluminum gutter as it is easy to install and lightweight. Adding more, it is extremely neutral that it adopts whatever features of your house from old country style to modern builds. Aluminum gutters are the perfect rainwater system that will never look out of place.

Aluminum gutter system gives full assurance that it works well to help water flow away from your home and has the least chance for leaks. This makes it cost-effective too because it requires very little maintenance. The importance of having properly installed aluminum gutters ensures that it will function at top performance.

For more tips on Aluminum gutter, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation

5 August 2021

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Boston, MA

Spray foam insulation combined with rolled insulation is the trending insulation methods of choice for Sterling area home owners. Let’s discuss why.

Spray foam insulation is a liquid applied insulation product that covers the vertical rafters and is applied to the attic ceiling. Immediately the spray foam insulation expands and fills any holes, sealing off the attic from the outside, thus making it into its own conditioned space. This eliminates the need to be ventilated. When the two types of insulation are combined, they create a sealed air space that saves energy. There are drawbacks. There is more space to heat and cool and your HVAC equipment might not be able to handle the upgrade.

With that said, the benefits of combining the different types of insulation far exceed the drawbacks. Even though your space needs to be conditioned, that doesn't necessarily mean pumping in air-conditioning, it may only mean dehumidifying the space. A simple dehumidifier can fix that problem and may not even be needed at all.

For more information on adding insulation to your home to reduce energy costs, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc..

Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!