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Blown-In Insulation Maximizes Coverage in Attics

25 November 2021

Blown-In Cellulose insulation in RI

Blown-in insulation is highly recommended for homeowners who are looking for the absolute best in home insulation. This is because blown-in insulation is uniquely capable of fully insulating your attic space and offers distinct benefits that other types of insulation do not.

If you are searching for the best option for home attic insulation, the blown-in alternative can be your best bet. This type of insulation provides for more complete coverage eliminating gaps and cracks that are hard to reach using other alternatives. Other types of insulation do not have the air sealing qualities of blown-in insulation, which then can adversely affect the overall energy efficiency of your home. With blown-in insulation, these gaps, cracks, or holes are effectively sealed.

Blown-in attic insulation is extremely versatile. Because of the mechanism used during the application, this alternative can cover even the smallest and most difficult to reach places with ease. It uses a strategically engineered machine that blows the insulation material directly to where it is needed and shortens installation time.

To find out more about the benefits of blown-in attic insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Thanksgiving Greetings From Custom Insulation Company

22 November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Day From Custom Insulation Company

Very warm Thanksgiving greetings from all of us at Custom Insulation Company. As business owners, clients, prospective clients, friends and family, and suppliers our sense of appreciation for all of you has never been higher.

Like us, each of you have had unique and serious challenges during the last couple of years, most likely both professionally and personally. We are reflecting upon these challenging times with a “glass half-full” perspective and we hope that you all are doing the same. Each and every one of you has delivered a positive and enduring effect on us and our business as well as on those around you. We hope that in some way we’ve done the same for you.

Wishing you sincere peace and joy this Thanksgiving holiday. While surrounded by family and friends, we take time for positive reflection upon all of life’s blessings, we hope that you do as well. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Custom Insulation Company.

Aluminum Gutters: Protect Your Home’s Costly Foundation

17 November 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Aluminum Gutter

Most people don’t understand the true value of high-quality gutter systems. Of course, keeping water from flowing onto your head is important. More importantly, keeping water from flowing onto your foundation and slowly weakening it over the years is much worse. It is so very wise to invest in relatively low-cost gutter systems that will protect the foundation of your home and also protect future very costly foundation repair services.

Good gutters will certainly attract buyers and preserve the exterior design of your home, reduce the paint damage and stop molds and mildew growth. Most especially it prevents erosion and basement flooding protecting the landscaping of your home. With an aluminum gutter, it brings out a skilled framework and good display.

Aluminum gutters are the perfect choice to match the design of your house, whether it will be the roof or paint. Most homeowners who wish to customize their gutters go for aluminum because most plastic rain gutters are only available in white shades or brown. It has been trusted to provide dependable protection against all the debris that will litter and clog gutters. In any case there are some dents to appear on aluminum gutters, it will be easily hammered out as such the gutters will retain their original appearance. The magic of aluminum does not make your gutters invincible or miraculously resistant to the debris of the seasons. Adding more makes your life lighter with the aluminum gutter guards, it will lessen the frequency of gutter cleanings.

It is proven that Aluminum gutters because of its durability are cost-effective in terms of long term performance. Since the installation processes of gutters are different it is an advantage since aluminum gutters are seamless that makes them less prone to leakage. Aluminum gutters will preempt whatever problems may happen in your gutter and prevent further issues that will increase the costs in the future.

For more tips on aluminum gutter, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc..

K-Style Seamless Copper Gutters

16 November 2021

Copper gutters in Worcester, MA

We supply and installcopper gutter systems across Hebron, CT and beyond. Our copper gutter systems protect your homes against water damage while improving the aesthetics of your home’s exterior like no other system can. Our copper rain gutters are made of the highest-quality copper and are great for adding elegance and sophistication to homes while they serve their much needed, functional purpose.

Gutters can come in different styles and materials; one popular option is the K-Style Seamless Copper Gutters. The K in its term comes from its profile when viewed from the side, which resembles the letter. Because of its shape, it is less likely to bend and protrude when impacted by any kind of force. This is why it is stronger even when made of lighter materials.

K-style gutters are usually the default choice for contractors and suppliers because they are more often preferred by homeowners and entrepreneurs. K-style gutters can hold more water than rounded gutters with an equivalent diameter. They also blend better with modern architectural trends because K-gutters somewhat resemble the stylish crown molding that is eminent on interiors.

Many different styles of gutter systems can transport runoff water. You can decide on whether K-gutters are the right and the best preference for your home. For more information, contact the gutter experts at Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Blanket Insulation: Makes for a More Warm and Quiet Home

11 November 2021

Custom Insulation Company, Inc - Blanket Insulation:  Makes for a More Warm and Quiet Home

Every home requires proper insulation to maximize comfort and minimize energy bills. It will provide optimal energy efficiency once insulation is done from the roof down to its foundation. With blanket insulation, it makes roof space well insulated and quieter in the weather.

Blanket insulation will insulate all spaces between and over the floor joists to seal off living spaces below. It covers between the studs of knee walls, rafters of the exterior walls and the roof and ceiling with unconditioned spaces above. Insulation will extend into joist space to reduce the air flows that includes the band joists. Blanket insulation is very cost effective and eco-friendly. It reduces energy usage by at least 50% if installed properly. It is easy to detect if the roof of the home is well insulated, the interior ceilings, walls and floors in your home will feel warm and dry. However, when drywall or paneling feels damp or cold, insulation is not applied enough. More so blanket insulation reduces noise from outside as well as between different rooms and floors inside your home. Thus, making it very efficient and more environmentally.

It is very important to insulate the roof of your home especially in colder months. The heat will naturally flow from warmer areas to cooler areas. With blanket insulation, it will help resist the airflow through walls, ceiling, roofs and other surfaces of the home. There is nothing comparable than a well-insulated house that will make your home more comfortable in every season and it is quieter, too.

For more tips on Blanket insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Stop Warm Expensive Conditioned Air from Escaping Out the Chimney

30 October 2021

Custom Insulation Company - Chimney Insulation

Homeowners spend millions each year caulking, replacing windows & doors, and weather stripping to make their home more energy efficient. But, one of the biggest culprits of energy loss is the chimney.

When you have a fire in your fireplace, the chimney works great. It acts as a funnel and takes smoke and dangerous gasses away.

But, your chimneys work even when there is no fire. This is the easiest escape route for the warm air in your home. You can tell that air is escaping through your chimney if your chimney has cold air in it or if you feel powerful drafts from very small gaps in your windows or doors.

Cold air can't get in unless it is going out at the same speed.

How do you stop this?

  1. Install a wood burning or pellet stove or fireplace insert. By installing a wood or pellet stove or insert you not only cut down on your energy bill by stopping the warm air from going up the chimney, but you also cut down on your energy bill in using the new stove. Wood and pellet heat is a far more economical way to heat your home than oil, electricity or gas.
  2. Insulate your chimney. By insulating your chimney you eliminate drafts. Stop the warm air from escaping the hole in your roof, and stop the cold air from coming in through other avenues when the air is no longer leaving your home. Boarding up your chimney makes your fireplace and eye sore, insulating your chimney is easy and efficient, and you fireplace still can look beautiful.

Contact Custom Insulation Company to see how we can help you make your home more efficient by stopping the warm air that leaves through your chimney.

Blanket Insulation: Effectively Reduces Conditioned Air Loss

29 October 2021

Custom Insulation Company - Blanket Insulation in - Worcester, MA

About 35 percent of the heat in your home is lost through the walls, 25 percent is lost through the roof and 40 percent is lost through doors, windows and floor in an under-insulated home. This is why it is a good idea to install blanket insulation in order to retain the temperature treated air in your home. This will lead to savings on monthly heating and cooling costs in the long run.

The right amount of home attic insulation will help prevent thermal loss all year round. The return on investment on installing new home insulation is actually greater than the initial cost incurred since it adds significantly to making your home more energy-efficient. Blanket insulation ensures the best protection against air loss in your home.

There is more to blanket insulation in Boston, MA than just providing more comfort to your home. While it is one of the best alternatives for home attic insulation it also keeps you. It keeps your home free from allergens, pollutants and moisture. In addition to giving you a more efficient home, there is also added health security since blanket insulation helps in reducing the risk of respiratory sickness and mold growth.

For more details regarding blanket insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Spray Foam Insulation: Delivers Superior Heat and Cooling Insulation Effect

22 October 2021

Spray Foam Insulation in Sterling, CT

Our experience shows that spray foam insulation, while not always the cheapest home insulation upgrade, is almost universally considered to be the value home insulation solution. This is because, like most everything in life, you get what you pay for. What you get in return for your home improvement investment is maximum lower utility bills that ultimately pays for this home improvement investment in remarkably short time.

Homeowners' choice is the spray foam insulation because it assures that the seals of their homes are secured and the air will not leak into their homes. The material benefit of this insulation is on top of the energy savings that it gives in maintaining a constant temperature inside the home. It ensures the air sealing of your home that stops the air leaks which saves all the furnace and air conditioners that will be running constantly. Thereby, it results in saving your money on the monthly energy bills. Another utmost benefit of spray foam insulation, is the solution that it gives in the condensation on the walls. The insulation is sufficient enough to handle the difference of the temperature from the outside to the inside of the home.

With spray foam insulation, the resistance value which is the ability to create an airtight seal is proven to be the highest ranking on the market. Spray foam insulation indeed has gone mainstream because it is a completely seamless air barrier that prevents air leakage and pollutant infiltration.

For more tips on Spray foam insulation, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Now is the Time to Winterize Your Sterling CT Home

21 October 2021

Custom Insulation Spray foam insulation in Boston, MA

Here’s a fall reminder from all of us here at the Custom Insulation Company serving all of Sterling, CT and beyond. Homeowners, now is the time to winterize your home and protect your home against freezing pipes.

It is important to make preparations to prevent water damage from frozen and burst pipes before temperatures plunge. The winter can pose many challenges to a homeowner, but one of the biggest and most costly is the risk of frozen pipes. Frozen pipes occur in areas of the home that are not insulated or that are poorly insulated. When ice expands inside pipes, it can crack and burst the pipe, leaving homeowners with a costly plumber bill, and thousands of dollars in damages from water leaking inside the house.

Winterizing is just as important in new homes as it is in older homes where insulation is often poorly done or not done correctly. Older home construction will sometimes include pipes in unprotected locations without insulation, including crawl spaces, and these can be particularly at risk.

Luckily, these problems are preventable by evaluating areas of vulnerability throughout the home. Implementing the following winterization tips now can help avoid headaches later:

  • Search your house for under insulated pipes or non-insulated pipes, especially in unheated areas. Consider wrapping pipes with electric heating tape, but follow manufacturers' instructions carefully to avoid a fire hazard.
  • Seal cracks and holes in outside walls and foundations, especially where cable TV or phone lines enter the house, with caulking to keep cold winds away from pipes
  • Consider wrapping your water heater in an insulation blanket. While not really at danger for freezing, this can lower your heating bills.

For information on insulating your home and your most important asset, contact Custom Insulation.

Adding Home Insulation to Antique Homes May Require an Inspection

18 October 2021

Custom Insulation Company - Home Insulation

If you live in a home listed on a registry, you may need a special home inspection before you act. We know the ends and outs of regulatory restrictions on registered property, do don’t sweat it.

Like any property, registry homes require additional insulation to the attic, walls and crawl spaces in order to make the home energy efficient. Adding home insulation is very important for cutting down on energy bills, and for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. Air leaks happen when certain parts of your home are not adequately sealed and insulated. This is a common issue to older homes which is why additional home insulation is needed in them. But what is done with existing insulation?

Home insulation used to be made of corncobs, newspapers, wood shavings, or other similar materials. These early insulation materials can be left in place when more modern insulation is added. Only home insulation containing asbestos and urea-formaldehyde create a concern in older houses. If you don’t know what type of insulation is in your antique home, it is best to hire a specialist to inspect the existing insulation to see what it contains. If the insulation contains asbestos which is carcinogenic, a complete removal of the insulation is required by a licensed removal company or you may choose to encapsulate the material if removing it is too intrusive. Urea-formaldehyde is a health hazard when it emits noxious gases which is why it was discontinued.

The appropriate amount of home insulation in Hebron, CT helps cut down on energy expenses and increases the value of your home. But in the case of older and antique homes, inspections are very important in order to determine the right material to be used when adding insulation. For more information about how to have additional insulation installed in your antique house, contact Custom Insulation Company, Inc.

Insulation helps keep your house cool in the summer!